Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Little Press...

I had the luck of being interviewed by a reporter from our campus newspaper about my business endevours. Read the Daily Nebraskan Interview.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Inspiration to All

Helen Greiner, co-founder and chairman for iRobot, was one of the best presenters at the CEO national convention. She has an incredible vision and has been responsible for saving the lives of numerous soldiers through their PackBot offering. Even more than that, she has a minor speech impediment in which she has trouble pronouncing 'R's. It is so inspiring to see someone who has overcome a disability and risen to high-levels of success.

Read a little more about her at:

Friday, November 03, 2006

Greetings from Chicago

Right now I'm sitting in a breakout session at the Collegiate Entrepreneur's Organization National Convention @ the Hyatt Regency McCormeck in Chicago, IL. This year there's over 1300 attendees and a number of great speakers including a track specifically for the technology industry. I'm coming up with a number of great ideas for a business startup, hopefully completing the next iteration of my business plan by the first of the year.

After watching some elevator pitches, it's clear that sales training is lacking in Colleges. Elevator pitches are 1 minute presentations of a business concept--a skill every entrepreneur should have in case they meet a potential investor or customer. The main problem isn't presentation skills--it's in the close--asking for the sale. Some let their speech end with the audience wondering if the speaker is done. Others have a flawless ending, but no planned closing and stumble out a incoherent "if you like it, let's talk later". The few that get it right and ask for the close, they're the ones that look good. I wonder why UNL doesn't have any classes discussing sales techniques... any individual needs these skills weather pitching themselves in an interview, a business plan, or selling a product.