Saturday, December 23, 2006

Last Minute Shopping (Post--Take 2)

So, I lost the first version of the post right as I tried to submit it--it was probably written better, but here we go again!

Finals came and as I finished on Friday, I turned into the biggest apartment bum that Kauffman's ever seen. What did I do? TV, XBox, Sleep, and general socializing as I tried to feel better from an awful cold. It was a awesome change in pace (minus the cold part). How did finals turn out? Good enough.

I went home to Bellwood on Tuesday, finally returning to Lincoln on Thursday for some last minute shopping. Only, it wasn't a little bit--it was 90% of my shopping. Kim and I went out and about Thursday night--I was then a little over half done.

Friday morning had a late start, but I went out with a blaze of glory visiting:
  1. Petsmart
  2. Wal-Mart
  3. Shopko
  4. (Lunch Break)
  5. Target (I found what I want but they're out)
  6. Best Buy (They don't have it either)
  7. Gateway (Various Stores - C'mon--Seriously)
  8. Linens-N-Things (Was desperate--but Jackpot--They had at least 40 of them)
  9. Shopko (This seems familiar)
  10. Wal-Mart (I love this place)
  11. Wal-Mart (I love this place so much I couldn't make it out of the parking lot without going back in)

Yes, I was at the same Wal-Mart three times and Shopko twice. Poor planning? Probably. Christmas crowds? Enough to make me wish I'd shopped earlier. I spent at least 10 minutes just trying to depart the Best Buy parking lot. The second trip into Wal-Mart? I forgot labels for Christmas gifts.

Next year: Buy everything at and have it shipped to me. I'm not setting foot in a store again. Ok, so maybe that won't happen--but I can at least set the bar high and aim for it.

Christmas--here we go. Do your worst--I'm ready...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Week Formerly Known as Dead Week

The whole semester's come down to the next two weeks. This coming week use to be called "Dead Week" across campus until ASUN voted to change the name to "The 15th Week". It's a week where students are allowed to catch-up, submit final projects, and prepare for finals during the following week. I'm looking forward to this week--some of my classes have been canceled and, in general, don't have too much to do. My final schedule the following week: 1 on Tuesday and 2 on Friday. Conveniently, my two Friday finals have alternative times scheduled on Tuesday as well. So, I could take three finals within a couple hours and be done.... or not. Either way, it'll be a good time.

Check the photos for Star City Parade photos--sorry for the glare on some of them--I should have taken Nick up on the offer of a used lens hood. I keep learning.

Time to head to church--I like going to the Sunday night candle-lit mass.