Sunday, September 23, 2007

Legal or Illegal?

I got an e-mail heads up from Best Buy on Thursday that there had been a mistake in the printing of the front page of their newspaper insert advertisement. They also posted a notice on the front page of their website. There mistake can be read here. Basically they printed that a 50" ($2,600) plasma was being offered at the price of the 42" ($1799). Should they have pulled the ad from the paper?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

End of the Twinkie?

ABC News Report: Could This Be The End of the Twinkie?

Tis a sad, sad day. I hope they're able to work something out with the unions.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Microsoft Groove

In my quest to finaly start organizing my life, I finally got around to putting Office 2007 on my Laptop so I could play around with this program called Microsoft Groove. I knew it was designed to help groups collaborate; but I had no idea how much it could help me.

Through it's folder sharing feature, all of my documents, QuickBooks files, and Quicken files are now in sync between my laptop and desktop. The best part is that the sync happens anytime both machines are connected to the Internet. So, now when I'm out on the road I can put a number of invoices in QuickBooks, connect the machine to the Internet when I get back, and have those invoices available back on my Desktop.

Next task: start organizing paperwork in my apartment.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Platte River State Park

Over the weekend I went to Platte River State Park with Kim and her family. I just posted a few pictures and will hopefully be posting some more with me in them soon. I was having fun taking some pictures of a small waterfall. We got to do some fun things like paddle boating, roasting s'mores, walking on some trails, and even going horseback riding. Unfortunately I had to leave early for class on Monday--otherwise I would have gotten to go to the water park at Mahoney too. Maybe next time.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

One Deterimend Turtle

Saw this on CNN today. Talk about a ticked off turtle taking on a cat.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Best Place Ever

The end of the year is coming and I'm starting to get excited to move into my apartment. I'll be living at the Tanglewood apartments on 48th and O. The area is perfect.. I'm tucked into a quiet area near the cemetery but close to all the action of the area. Within just a couple blocks I have access to:

Best Buy
Taco Bell
Pet Co
Ace Hardware

Currently being Built:
Jimmy John's
Hy-Vee (I smell grocery wars!)

Slightly further:
Barnes and Noble
The Mall

Check for pictures soon--my move-in date is the 28th.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Government Taketh

After hours of hard work for my clients and the University, I put in a few more hours totalling some numbers before taking them to the trusty accountant for the magic tax calculations.

When the final numbers came in, I was disappointed as usual for my pocketbook shall get a bit lighter. Some people suggested that it takes income to pay taxes. Others suggested that the Uncle Sam's poor--Although my accounts are in the black, the his sure isn't.

Yeah, neither of those statements helped me much. I shall sign the final check next month. Until next year Uncle--try not spend my dues to you all in one place.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Passing of an Aquarium

After months of reliable operation, the pump on my Wal-mart 5 gallon aquarium passed on. Due to the construction of the aquarium, I could not purchase an over-the-counter pump and Wal-mart refused to honor the 2-yr dealer exchange stated in the tank manual warranty. This left me with a quandary, what to do while shipping my motor in for repair.

Kim and I visited Petco, Petsmart, and finally Petco once again before deciding to purchase a new tank. I opted not to go with a box kit as none of the filters included the awesome bio-wheel filtration system. I selected a spacious 10 gallon tank, a florescent hood, a Marineland filter, and some green and blue gravel. The system is up and temperature is right--I'm moving the fish later tonight. I think they'll appreciate the extra space.

Check back over the weekend to see pictures of the new aquarium.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Economics of Enviga

So tonight I saw Enviga here in Lincoln for the first time. If you haven't already heard, this drink is a joint effort between Nestea and Coca-Cola and has been shown in certain trials to boost your metabolism and burn an extra 60-100 calories a day. I tried the Green Tea flavor and it tasted acceptable. Turns out it also has calcium and caffeine added in to the drink as well.

So, what's the catch? In order to gain the 60-100 calorie metabolism boost, one must drunk 3 cans a day. The can clearly states however that consuming more than 3 will not boost a metabolism beyond 100 calories.

What are the economical implications? Each drink costs about $1/ea when purchased in 6-packs and about $1.40 when purchased individually. Keeping in mind that it takes burning 3600 calories to lose one pound, that translates into a best case scenario of costing approximately $108/lb over the course of 36 days to lose that one pound.

To make things more interesting, let's assume the individual uses Enviga to replace their daily bottle of soda purchased at the vending machine for $1.25. This bottle of soda probably contains around 250 calories. If this is the case, the individual is already spending $45 over 36 days, so now the individual is only paying an extra $63 per 36 days to switch to Enviga. While the individual is drinking strictly soda, they are consuming (250cal x 36 days) 9000 calories or 2.5lb. Therefore, when switching from soda to Enviga, one actually loses 3.5lb over 36 days or an equivalent of $30.86/lb. The deal gets a little bit better when you look at it that way. Either way, it still doesn't seem economical, but I think the take away point is that making small changes in your life (e.g. just removing your daily soda) you will lose 2.5lb/36 days or about 25lb a year.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Grisanti's Fraud

Today Kim, Denise and I all went to Grisanti's in Lincoln to eat our noon meal. I saw "Cherry Coke®" on the menu and excitedly ordered it--not too many places have it. What I got back was most certainly not that. What I got was Coke + Grenadine... definitely not the same thing. When I asked about it, the waitress gladly switched my drink.

This practice seems almost illegal to me. If I was to sell someone a Pentium system and substitute a AMD chip, I'd be accused of fraud--even though both would let the computer run. I'm suprised Grisanti's is getting away with this.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Something Funny

It's been a crazy few days and I'm behind as usual. However, I'd suggest watching this in light of the season:

Snow Slide

Check Fractured Notions on Saturday to read about my Vista upgrade experience.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Marketing Syllabus Day

So I'm sitting in my marketing class right now putting my phone to good use. Right now everyone is introducing themselves and telling their favorite consumer behaviors. Things are so stereotypical... Guys consume sports or TV shows while women talk about eating food or any kind of shopping in general. Gray's anatomy seems to be quite popular (for women who watch TV). Most fascinating fact thus far... One girl called herself the "oops of the family" as her sisters are about 50 now while shes in her early 20s. We were also to tell something surprising about us. Everyone has had something except for 3 girls who each said there was nothing surprising about them. How sad. Better pay attention. Later.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year!

So, better late than never. Right now I'm up working on getting a computer ready for tomorrow and have been thinking about new year's resolutions. I figure I better make the public, that way people can badger me if I'm not living up to them.

  1. Read some books for fun during the semester (though they might be business books)
  2. Exercise at least once a week
  3. Post to my blogs at least once a week
  4. Try to get up before 9 every day
  5. Don't eat out as often

Let's see how this happens.

The Gift

So what was the gift you ask? An alarm clock for my girlfriend:

Check it out at Amazon

It's perfect. It is easy to use, has 2 alarms (both can be radio/buzzer), a buzzer that goes from soft to really loud, a giant snooze button, a very small off button, automatically sets itself for daylight savings time, and has a battery that will still sound a buzzer in the morning if the power is off.

Mark my words--next year, 75% or more of my shopping will be done online. I dislike stores so much.