Monday, February 26, 2007

Passing of an Aquarium

After months of reliable operation, the pump on my Wal-mart 5 gallon aquarium passed on. Due to the construction of the aquarium, I could not purchase an over-the-counter pump and Wal-mart refused to honor the 2-yr dealer exchange stated in the tank manual warranty. This left me with a quandary, what to do while shipping my motor in for repair.

Kim and I visited Petco, Petsmart, and finally Petco once again before deciding to purchase a new tank. I opted not to go with a box kit as none of the filters included the awesome bio-wheel filtration system. I selected a spacious 10 gallon tank, a florescent hood, a Marineland filter, and some green and blue gravel. The system is up and temperature is right--I'm moving the fish later tonight. I think they'll appreciate the extra space.

Check back over the weekend to see pictures of the new aquarium.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Economics of Enviga

So tonight I saw Enviga here in Lincoln for the first time. If you haven't already heard, this drink is a joint effort between Nestea and Coca-Cola and has been shown in certain trials to boost your metabolism and burn an extra 60-100 calories a day. I tried the Green Tea flavor and it tasted acceptable. Turns out it also has calcium and caffeine added in to the drink as well.

So, what's the catch? In order to gain the 60-100 calorie metabolism boost, one must drunk 3 cans a day. The can clearly states however that consuming more than 3 will not boost a metabolism beyond 100 calories.

What are the economical implications? Each drink costs about $1/ea when purchased in 6-packs and about $1.40 when purchased individually. Keeping in mind that it takes burning 3600 calories to lose one pound, that translates into a best case scenario of costing approximately $108/lb over the course of 36 days to lose that one pound.

To make things more interesting, let's assume the individual uses Enviga to replace their daily bottle of soda purchased at the vending machine for $1.25. This bottle of soda probably contains around 250 calories. If this is the case, the individual is already spending $45 over 36 days, so now the individual is only paying an extra $63 per 36 days to switch to Enviga. While the individual is drinking strictly soda, they are consuming (250cal x 36 days) 9000 calories or 2.5lb. Therefore, when switching from soda to Enviga, one actually loses 3.5lb over 36 days or an equivalent of $30.86/lb. The deal gets a little bit better when you look at it that way. Either way, it still doesn't seem economical, but I think the take away point is that making small changes in your life (e.g. just removing your daily soda) you will lose 2.5lb/36 days or about 25lb a year.